The mid season “I suck at fantasy baseball” update

OK so maybe I don’t completely suck at fantasy baseball considering I’m first of 10 in one league and 3rd of 12 in another… but my sleeper and bust picks don’t seem to have been the great advice I expected them to be, especially the busts.  Some of the busts have proven me wrong while Mr. Soriano just can’t seem to get it going this year.  Below is a breakdown of my picks and how it’s working out.


Giancarlo Stanton:  WOW… so the guy I picked to be one of my fantasy busts is leading the NL in both home runs and RBI while hitting a career high .313/.408/.590.  He has struck out 90 times but with 47 walks (15 intentional) and a .408 OBP who really cares how many times the guy strikes out?  Additionally I discussed his low stolen base numbers and his even lower net stolen base numbers yet this guy has swiped 7 bags this year and hasn’t been caught once.  The stolen base numbers aren’t blowing anyone away but just under a steal a week and without being caught means he’s helping your team at the same rate as my first round pick Hanley Ramirez with his net 6 steals (10 steals 4 caught).  The biggest concern with Stanton was durability and seems like I swung and missed on this one with the guy playing in 82 games this year while having a career season.  I will give myself partial credit as I did acknowledge that Stanton was a great player… just questioned his durability and the quality of the line up around him.

Jose Altuve:  SWING AND A MISS STRIKE TWO!  Altuve is still 5’6″ and I still think that over the course of his career that this guys ceiling is limited but he sure is doing a great job of making me regret what I said about him earlier this year.  Jose is leading the AL in batting with a .344 average, has amassed 116 hits, and has struck out a meager 23 times as we reach the middle of the season.  I also knocked Altuve for his base stealing efficiency over his career.  Coming into this season he had stolen 75 bases but he had also been caught 27 times and led the league in caught stealing in 2013.  So far this year Altuve has swiped a phenomenal 37 bases while only being caught only 3 times, he is clearly doing a better job of timing pitchers and choosing his spots to run.  Run production is still low with Altuve as he has 26 RBI and 41 runs but at this point that is nit-picking.  Overall Altuve is a top performer and perhaps the best second base option in the league…… and I had him listed as a bust in the middle to early rounds.

Carlos Gonzalez:  I GOT ONE RIGHT!  Coming into the season Yahoo ranked Carlos Gonzalez 6th overall and third among outfielders behind only Mike Trout and Andrew McCutchen.  This put him ahead of Adam Jones, Carlos Gomez, and Jose Bautista yet on the season he has hit .244 with 8 homers and 12 doubles while playing in only 52 games.  At the same time Jones, Gomez, and Bautista have each hit 13, 15, and 15 homers while all hitting over .300 on the season.  Car-Go would be a phenomenal ball player if he could just stay on the field and off the DL but until then this guy will be a perennial bust.  Perhaps in 2015 he’ll be able to prove me wrong like Stanton did this year.


Alfonso Soriano:  Well this guy went from sleeper to bust real quick, or perhaps when I listed him as a sleeper I meant to say that he puts you to sleep… or he spends enough time on the bench to get himself some extra sleep.  Either way so far this season Soriano is hitting .228/.251/.381 which would be bad for anyone especially a guy with a career line of .271/.320/.500.  Soriano has hit 20+ homers in 10 consecutive seasons coming into 2014 but it looks like that streak is close to ending as he enters the mid point of the season with 6 dingers.  I thought a solid line up around him and a return to a full season in the AL east would give Soriano a power surge and while he won’t steal bases or hit for average like he has before I thought his power numbers would be there.  Once again… I was wrong and Soriano is now in a platoon situation with Ichiro and facing only left handed pitching.

Kyle Seager:  I really like this guy and I’m loving the fact that he is turning me into a genius for drafting him and recommending him to EVERYONE not in one of my leagues.  Seager started off the season slow but really ramped up in May and June and now enters the half way point of the season .274/.385/.483 and is on pace for 24 homers and 40 doubles on the season.  He isn’t a base stealer but when you get close to the all-star break with 12 homers, 3 triples, 20 doubles, and 55 RBI you don’t need to be.  Seager’s AVG, OBP, slugging, and OPS have all increased every year since his rookie season in 2011.  The future is bright for this young man and I’m along for the ride!

Jose Quintana:  Quintana has only 5 wins on the season at this point but we knew that playing for the White Sox he would be limited in his ability to produce W’s.  He can’t control his run support or how good the team is around him but he has done a great job of controlling what is controllable and is having another strong season.  With 104.2 innings pitched at the season’s mid point Quintana is on pace to pitch over 200 inning for the second time in his short 3 year career.  While doing this he has pitched to a very respectable 3.44 ERA and 1.280 WHIP, has a K/BB rate of 2.90 on the season, and has struck out 7.7 per 9.  Quintana (who went un-drafted in many leagues) has given up more than 3 earned runs only 3 times in 17 starts this year and has notched 13 quality starts pitching 6 innings or more in 14 of his 17 starts.  Glad to have this guy on both of my teams and he was an absolute steal in the 18th round no matter if he gets me wins or not.

So overall I was 50%, 1 for 3 predicting busts and 2 for 3 with sleepers… not sure what that really means but you can take it for what it is worth.  Listen to my advice and you have about a 50% chance of success.  That may be good or bad but it’s working out for my team so far!  A few other people I mentioned in my post are:

Miguel Gonzalez- Yuck

Chase Headley- Eww

Alejandro De Aza- Ehhh

Kendrys Morales- Jury is out

Cory Hart -Hurt again

James Loney- Solid late pick

Brandon Belt- Coming off the DL soon and was having a great year… keep an eye on him!